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Outdated no more!

Have a piece of clothing that you inherited from your Mom or Grandma, but it looks a little outmoded? Have a prom dress that you know you’d never wear again, but still have an incredible attachment to? Or maybe you have that cashmere sweater that you reaaaaally love but it’s not as up-to-date as you’d wish? We are here to help you!

Our REVAMP program will give your beloved garment a second chance! You can send us your garment and we will give it a second life by making it look cool and unique! Your vintage piece will look like it came straight from a runway show! What are the steps?

  1. First, take our quiz,so we can determine what your true style is and what textures you like.
  2. After you complete the quiz, you will get the email from our customer support with instructions on how to submit the pictures of your garment.
  3. After pictures are submitted, we will give you the PayPal invoice to pay the REVAMP price.
  4. We’ll notify you as soon as we receive your item. From there, give us one week to finish revamping the garment and we will ship it back to you!!!