About Us

What  do we do?

We are a unique vintage brand from Oakland, CA. We take original and authentic vintage from 20th century and redesign it to create one of a kind avant-garde clothing that is not so much about image but more so about attitude.


Everything we do is of excellent quality. We score, inspect and remake every single item ourselves. We pay attention to every little detail – from design to final stitches. We love bold runway designs and believe that they should be available to those not afraid to rock them. ULTRA-CAT quality – is individual approach, careful curating, meticulous execution, and sensible pricing.


Why ULTRA-CAT is named so?

We admire cats’ ability to be who the hell they want to be and their desire for freedom. Have you ever noticed that each cat has a unique personality and they don’t really care whether you like it or not... We humans need to learn from them and incorporate that free spirit into our everyday lives! Don’t be afraid to be who you are no matter what others think is right...

Just be the ULTRA-CAT.


Who is the girl we are designing for?

We truly believe that you don’t have to follow the fashion, fashion needs TO FOLLOW YOU.  We see fashion as an outlet for the creativity and our girl really knows how to be creative and how to express herself. She loves unique designs and dressing up in the morning is her art therapy. She knows exactly what is worth her attention and she’s not following the crowd. The crowd follows her. She is the girl we want to be… BOLD, UNIQUE, ULTRA.


Why vintage?

What comes around goes around, right? Fashion always goes in circles and there is nothing new about it. That’s why we’ve always been passionate about vintage clothing and its ability to be so modern! A paradox, right? However we feel like by redesigning vintage clothing and by giving it some love and creativity, we can truly create something exclusive. Each item that we score, inspire us to create the new version of it that would have a new and exciting life.


Why buy vintage fur and leather?

Don’t get me wrong, we are BIG ANIMAL LOVERS. That is, in fact, exactly why we advocate buying vintage fur and leather. That is the only way to keep more innocent animals from being used for the fashion purposes. The vintage leather and fur goods have been around for many years and this is our responsibility at ULTRA-CAT to keep reusing both.